We believe that theatre is an agreement between people, in a set space and time, to suspend day-to-day reality and imagine together, breathing the same air and experiencing a shared landscape of possibility. Walking Home Theatre serves as our creative container, in which we push boundaries and expectations by bringing the spectators deep into a new world, a tangible space that stimulates the senses and engages our emotions.

Our work is process based: these qualities of exploration and sensation inform the rehearsal process, during which we build worlds and characters from a foundation of mutual trust and playfulness. Our core values of respect, radical honesty, self-care, and commitment to supporting one another’s creative process all contribute to these organic, spontaneous, and often magical rehearsals.

Whether it is an internal journey of self-discovery or an immersive experience of occupying a physical space for a time, we believe that theatre invites us into that place– we call it home, and we are walking there together.

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It could be said that one of the most defining characteristics of theater is its state of constant flux. Its very trademarks are action, change, tension, and dynamicism.

As someone who has consistently grappled with themes of personal identity off the stage, Eli has found herself drawn time and time again to this art form that provides a framework to explore alternatives, push boundaries, and create magic worlds. Eli is a former company member of Arm-of-the-Sea Theater, a puppet and mask performance group combining art, ecology and social action.

Eli continues to create work that defies expectations and evokes magic, giving voice to stories that are begging to be told, and participating in the creative flow that will help redefine and heal a wounded planet and its people.

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Chrisso grew up in Woodstock, surrounded and influenced by a community of eccentric artists and performers. He also counts himself lucky for his years with The Wayfinder Experience, a local improv and live-action role-playing camp in which he was first involved as a camper, and later as a counselor, story writer, and production manager. He has recently rediscovered theatre as a medium through which he is able to pursue the enjoyment of being ‘in character’, as well as bringing many of his passions together under one roof — writing; creating sets, props and masks; and sound and lighting design, to name a few.

Because theatre contains so many expressive, creative tools and the ability to shape and create new realities, it appeals directly to Chrisso’s love of design, production, and crafting strange objects.  He believes that creating radical, magical worlds through the medium of theatre has immense potential to change the world.


Nelly is originally from Armenia, bringing with her a complex view of identity, culture, individualism, and the pursuit of creativity. She is a writer and creator of space first and foremost, crafting an intimate world that people can walk into and re-envision the world. She is drawn to the visceral and raw, working with her hands and focusing on the body as sacred space that holds the inner world there in the flesh. She works in a multitude of forms inspired by this approach, as body and energy worker, sculptor, jewelry maker, performer, designer of set/light/costume/make-up, producer, director, dancer, poet.

She began her study of theatre in the 5th grade, solely because the idea of being in front of people terrified her. The terror turned into discovery of a life-long pursuit of what is just beyond the reach of comfort, and the incredibly rewarding work of becoming family with a group of people for a time to create something that can be inspiring, healing, magical, and transformative. She finds that being in front of people can still be terrifying, but the magic is worth it.